Company Profile

Far East Seating is a 100% foreign owned company located in Central Java, Indonesia. The Company is jointly owned by a Singaporean and a British investor.


The company specializes in all forms or seating, for residential, hospitality or other application. Dining chairs, bar and counter stool, as well as lounge chair frames, stools and benches. This specialization allows us to be focused, and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our main enterprise is residential dining seating, but our hospitality work drives us to create a wide range of seating for all hotel and restaurant applications, using a wide range of different materials and methods

We provide engineering and product development services, to take your brand product all the way from concept, to finished boxed product ready to ship direct to user.

Concept = CAD = Product = Carton box


Mission Statement: To provide excellence in quality and service to our clients; to honour and respect our employees, their safety and well-being; to always care for the environment and the world we live in, using renewable resources, and minimize waste and emissions.